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Prime Health Clinic

Bisher Abdullah, MD
Heather Buckle, ND
Mira Onishechenko, RDN CD

Finding the right combination of conventional and natural medicine is a growing need in our changing healthcare environment.  When it comes to children, we know that there have been many remedies that have been proven and handed down over time to provide amazing results when it comes to common GI issues.  In addition to our ability to treat children using conventional methods, our clinic has broadened our scope to embrace natural remedies.  Please join us in welcoming               Dr. Heather Buckle, Naturopathic Physician who, along with Dr. Bisher Abdullah MD, will provide just the right combination of care. 

What’s Pro about Probiotics

Probiotics have begun surfacing over the last few years on the labels of well known products many mothers are reaching for to give their children. But how effective and safe are probiotics?  Is it just the latest in our quest to provide all the essentials to our children to give them the best health possible? 

     Probiotics are microorganisms used as supplements that bring balance to the microflora in the intestine. Probiotics are currently being used over the counter and in hospital and clinical settings to help prevent acute infectious diarrhea, antibiotic associated diarrhea and atopic dermatitis to name a few.  

     According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “To date, these products (probiotics and prebiotics) seem to be safe for healthy infants and children” and the “World Health Organization supports the addition of prebiotic products to infant formulas designed as follow-up formulas for infants aged 5 months and older. It was reasoned that these infants are more likely to have a more mature immune response and established intestinal colonization.”  (Probiotics and Prebiotics in Pediatrics, 29 Nov 2010, Vol 126 No. 6, pp 1217-1231 Dan W. Thomas, MD and Frank R Greer, MD) The abstract also states that studies are ongoing regarding probiotic use to treat specific GI disorders. 

     At Prime Health Clinic, Dr. Bisher Abdullah and Dr. Heather Buckle support the use of probiotics in treating some well known GI disorders in children.  According to Dr. Abdullah, "The use of probiotics has gained momentum in the treatment of a variety of gastrointestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, ulcerative colitis especially post surgery and the treatment and prevention of allergies."

Please ask at your appointment if you would like more information about your child’s specific condition and whether Probiotics would be helpful.

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